"Our Mission is to Improve the Quality of Lives for Los Angeles Residents by Creating Dynamic Residential, Multi-Family, and Mix-Use Developments that Provide Positive Impacts to Neighborhood Communities."

A Diversified, Privately-Owned Real Estate Investment Firm....

Panoptic Development invests in and develops properties for its own account and in joint-venture partnerships with institutional and high net-worth investors. We specialize in urban infill, multi-family and mixed-use developments situated within the heart of transit oriented, prime Los Angeles areas.

Our company consistently showcases its ability to take advantage of value-add and opportunistic strategies to generate exceptional, risk-adjusted returns for its investors, in part by pinpointing underutilized opportunities for significant capital appreciation. Our focus as owner, manager, developer, and investor is to create tangible value in our projects for our tenants, communities, and investors. By offering a full-spectrum approach, overseeing all aspects of the development process such as investment, entitlement, development, and construction, we are able to provide a positive impact to the local communities as well as our equity partners. Panoptic Development has decades of combined local expertise and extensive networks in the Southern California sub-markets, where we reliably deliver proven results that exceed expectation.


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